Jon Martin Woodworking founder, Jonathan, was raised in Harrisonburg, Va. While in high school, he spent hours in his school wood shop dreaming of one day opening up his own shop. The personal touch and dedication poured into each piece Jon makes, allows his work to stand out. 

For Jon, creating small wooden furniture and décor is a dream come true and personal. The realization of the business began when he made his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Ariana, a picture frame with a photo of both of them in it.

He continued to make her small gifts and his passion showed through in everything he made her. People began to notice the gifts he had made her and asked him if he sold any of them.  Jon opened up his Etsy shop again and began designing and making home décor and furniture in his free time. 

We still hope to one day open up our own shop because we love doing this. In the meantime, we work as hard as we can because we want you to love the work that we do and connect with us!